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Education is a national level programme of Mother Care Foundation, which is committed to providing basic education to underprivileged children. Mother Care Foundation believes that whether you are addressing healthcare, poverty, population control, unemployment or human rights, there's no better place to start than in the corridors of education.

Education is both the means as well as step towards a better life.

Mother Care Foundation realized that long term solutions for the problems faced by the community lay in empowering through education. Illiteracy was at the root of their exploitation and victimization by traders, middlemen and officials. But then the task of educating, who had for long remained aloof from the mainstream society, was far from easy. Their nomadic lifestyle, habitation deep inside the forest and a thinly spread population over a vast geographic stretch made the task of turning them literate really challenging.

Basic Education Centre

Mother Care Foundation gives basic education to the underprivileged children as Education is the first and foremost rights of every human being. Without education we are incomplete and our lives are useless. Education brings positive changes in human life.

Mother Care Foundation enhances the knowledge, skill and intelligence of a person and enables him to lead a successful life. Mother Care Foundation provides a systematic way of assessing reading, arithmetic levels, specially developed materials and also documenting them on a skill chart.

Computer Education

Mother Care Foundation provides elementary knowledge of MS office and internet. We help the children to develop their skills in commanding computer to enrich their future plans. till date more than 4000 children have been successfully trained under this project. Through these courses Mother Care Foundation aims at enhancing the computer abilities and hence opportunities for the poor and underprivileged children, apart from enhancing computer skills the centre also focus on personality development.


poor unemployed girls and boys.

To provide adequate knowledge of computer. Personality Development of the children: This program not only focus on the syllabus but also pull out the hidden abilities and inner power of the children. Basically we Try to bring out and built the personality of the children.

To provide chances computer literacy for the schedule tribes schedule castes and OBC & Rural background in targeted area.

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